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Gain competitive edge through better Sales Leadership

Expand reach and operational capability through Cross-Enterprise Ultra-Collaboration

the Partnership will give you:

  • Practical advice on improving your proposition and pitches to clients.
  • Effective implementation of sales strategies.
  • Enhanced sales force performance.
  • A world of pragmatic ideas gained from our 25 years of business experience including an answer to the question “How do you add Value?”

proven experience

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The (very) Top Team

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"I think that this has been a strong and positive experience for the organisation and I trust will give them a good reference point as we go through the next few weeks of change. Thanks to you Marina for your expertise in running the workshops and thanks to you Peter for suggesting the format".

The coaching boosts my confidence, not just in my skills (such as presenting) but in talking over decisions and helping me make the right decisions. It isn’t a question of the coach telling me, but helping me to come up with a range of options. I find it fruitful and helpful in so many ways

The most important aspects of the programme were being able to bounce ideas, gaining an independent perspective, and discovering useful techniques and principles in conveying messages to work colleagues, in particular to senior executives